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Checked the shutter count of the OLYMPUS STYLUS TG-2

Shutter counts

I checked the number of shots of my secondhand camera, OLYMPUS STYLUS TG-2.


  1. Turn on the power while holding down the “MENU button”.
  2. Once the power is on, release the “MENU button”.
  3. Press the “MENU button” again.
  4. Using only the arrow pad, go to [the BRIGHTNESS item] in the [the SPANNER item].
  5. Press the “INFO” button and then press the “OK” button.
  6. When the model name is displayed in white letters, you can press “Up↑”, “Down↓”, “Left←”, “Right→”, “Shutter” and “Up↑”.
  7. Press “right” to go to PAGE 2.



The number in R: is the number of shutters.

The number of shots taken by the OLYMPUS STYLUS TG-2 was 1,538.